How Secure Are Your Security Shutters?

15 August 2018
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In a world where security threats are everywhere, you may strive to protect your property and its contents using various measures. Security shutters are one of the most popular physical barriers against intruders. If you're skeptical as to whether installing some will keep your property safe, it's worth understanding how secure they are. The efficacy of your security shutters depends on several factors When you decide to purchase security shutters, the type you choose will determine how effective they are. Read More 

Why Choose Aluminium Window Frames?

21 June 2018
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Double-glazed windows can be made with a number of different framing materials, so why would you opt for aluminium ones? The fact is that aluminium windows have been around for a very long time indeed. In fact, some of the most iconic skyscrapers on the New York skyline that were built as long ago as the 1930s have aluminium window frames. Aluminium is a great material for windows and glazed doors because it still looks so modern. Read More 

Important Questions to Ask When Getting Your Vehicle’s Windows Tinted

29 November 2017
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Window tint on a vehicle can make a car or truck look very sporty, while also protecting the interior upholstery, dashboard and the like. If you're thinking of adding tint to the windows of your vehicle, it's never good to buy this film from the store and apply it yourself, as store-bought film can easily bubble and peel or change colours as it fades. A professional installation is always best, and you might note some important questions to ask the installer when you make an appointment to take your vehicle in for this work. Read More 

Questions to Ask About Sliding Glass Doors for Your Home

15 November 2017
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Sliding glass doors are a popular choice for an entryway to a patio or deck area, as the glass allows you  a great view to the outside even when the doors are closed. Sliding the doors out of the way also gives you more room for foot traffic when you're entertaining guests, and allows for more air circulation into the home. If you are considering sliding glass doors for your home, note a few questions you might have about these doors and that you should ask the installer, so you know if they're the right choice for your home. Read More 

Important Details to Remember When Choosing Bi-Fold Patio Doors

28 August 2017
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Bi-fold glass doors are a great choice for any patio or deck space, or even as an entryway to your outdoor area, with or without patio flooring. Bi-fold doors open like an accordion and fold out of the way, which allows you a completely unobstructed view of your exterior space, as well as maximum sunlight and fresh air. You can also slide those doors open just a slight bit, for when you only want a small amount of air to circulate inside, while still enjoying the summertime sun. Read More