Key Misconceptions About Skylights

25 April 2022
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Skylights significantly help improve energy efficiency in a home. They do so by illuminating poorly lit areas and acting as insulation. Skylights also provide a much-needed dimension to any living space. Notably, some people love skylights, but only in other people's houses. The indifference can be attributed to misconceptions surrounding skylights. The myths make it difficult for people to love skylights, however bizarre they seem. This article highlights a few misconceptions about skylights and the facts.  

Skylights Damage Beautiful Roofs

A common reason that most people give for not installing skylights is that they can damage the aesthetic appeal of a roof. The reasoning comes from the fact that installing a sky roof involves cutting a hole in an excellent roof. Thus, some people wait until they need to repair a roof to install a skylight. Well, it was an issue in the past when there was nothing to write home about in skylight design. However, the same cannot be said of modern skylight windows because they are designed with aesthetics in mind. In fact, you can match the skylight you want with your roof's aesthetic elements. Therefore, you do not have to worry about damaging your roof when installing a skylight window.

Skylights Require Regular Cleaning

Skylight windows are made from either transparent glass or plastic to allow as much light as intended. However, since skylights are installed on a roof, they are exposed to the elements and dirt. Therefore, most people see maintenance as a major issue. Furthermore, climbing up a roof to clean a skylight is not everybody's idea of a Saturday morning routine. Fortunately, maintenance is the last thing you should be worried about with skylights because most are made from self-cleaning glass or plastic. Besides, modern skylights are built with a sealed assembly and no moving parts, making inspections and repairs minimal at the very least.

Skylights are Uncontrollable

As long as there is some light outside, it will get directed through a skylight window and into your space. Therefore, some homeowners complain that skylights bring unnecessary light into a room, especially when you want to take a nap or watch television. While you can do very little to control the light diffusing through a traditional skylight, modern skylight windows are different. They are designed with a motorised cover that you can open or close at the touch of a button. Therefore, if you feel the urge to reduce the amount of light coming into your home through a skylight window, you are not short of options.

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