Considerations When Installing Double-Glazed Windows

15 March 2023
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You may be thinking about replacing your windows with double-glazed ones. Here are some factors to keep in mind when doing so.

Suitable for Summer and Winter

A double-glazed window has a pocket of air or gas in the middle of two panes. It's difficult for heat to pass through this gap and get to the other side, which explains why these units can keep a home cooler on a hot summer day. The other benefit of double glazing is that it keeps heat from escaping a house in the winter. Because these windows give you more control over indoor temperatures, they will help you reduce both cooling and heating energy costs. Overall, your home will be more energy efficient, which is an attractive selling point if you're considering selling the property. Additionally, you'll be somewhat buffered from the expense of rising energy prices.

Glass Options

You can use different kinds of glass in these units. As well as standard panes, they can be set up using low-e or laminated glass. Low-e panes reflect heat and increase the efficiency of the window. Laminated glass can do the same, depending on how it's treated. Additionally, you could install laminated panes that are designed to block noise if you want a more peaceful home that is freer from traffic and neighbourhood noise.

Consider the Frame Material

The frame material is important to the efficiency of double-glazed windows, as some materials allow heat to move freely through them more than others. Aluminium frames, for example, can grow hot when in direct sunlight, and this heat can pass through to the inside of the frame and radiate into the room. To block this, you can fit an aluminium window with a thermal break. These frames have an alternate material inside that stops heat transfer.

Another frame material you might consider is timber, which doesn't conduct heat as well as metal does, making it a thermally efficient option. Alternatively, you could opt for vinyl window framing. Like timber, these aren't good heat conductors, so you won't have to worry about hot window frames warming up your house.

Home Security

While security may not be foremost on your mind when planning for double-glazed windows, it is a collateral benefit. Windows can provide an easy entry point for burglars, and two panes make a window harder to break through. Fitting laminated glass into the unit improves security further, as this glass has a plastic inner layer to which the glass is melded. Thus, it's more difficult to remove the pane entirely; it will take much more effort.

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