How to Add Style and Space to Your Bathroom With a Glass Shower Screen

8 August 2017
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A great way to add style and space to your home's bathroom is to have a glass shower screen installed, versus a standard shower curtain. This glass will keep the bathroom as open and as airy as possible, and it won't need to be changed every time you try a new paint colour or replace the bath towels. Note a few quick tips for how to choose a good style of shower glass, so it will add some personality to your home's bathroom.


A rounded screen opens up the space inside a shower surround, so you have more room inside. This can be especially important for anyone of a particular stature and who may find that they're constantly bumping into a shower curtain or a flat shower door. You have more room to move your arms freely with a rounded screen, reducing the risk of injury or simple annoyance when you're washing your hair or otherwise need to stretch out.

Small panels

When you think of a glass shower screen, you may picture one full sheet of glass. This is certainly a popular option, but you can also opt for smaller panels, with an aluminium frame between each one. This breaks up the look of a very large shower area, and the metal will also tone down the look of the glass. A glass installer can usually make the panels as large or as small as you want; choose large panes for a large shower so the space doesn't look cluttered, and a set of smaller, more proportionate panels for a smaller shower.

Glass block

Glass blocks aren't just for home windows, as you might assume. These can be used to build a partial enclosure around any shower area, and this glass provides privacy while still allowing light through. Glass blocks also provide lots of visual interest if a simple glass panel or screen isn't to your style. Because it's easy to build a glass wall with glass blocks, the shape of the shower screen can curve around the shower or include angles and corners, perfect for any oddly-shaped shower area.

Textured glass

Hammered glass isn't really hammered, but it has indentations on the outside that make it resemble hammered metal. This glass can obscure the view and offer privacy, and it means more texture than just plain glass panels. Rainfall glass also has a design that resembles rainfall down the front, and this also means more texture and more privacy from the glass.