Top Benefits of Electric Roller Shutters

14 August 2017
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Installing roller shutters in your home can be one of the best decisions you will ever make.  Roller shutters are now a common feature in homes unlike in the past when they were found on business premises.  They are strong and durable and keep your home very well protected. 

Electric roller shutters are easily opened and closed by use of an internal motor.  The motor is hooked up to your electric supply.  This makes usage and control easy and efficient. 

Remote Controlled Roller Shutters

These roller shutters are controlled is by use of a remote control.  This makes opening and closing of the shutters relatively easy.  Hard to reach windows can be controlled using the remote from up to two metres away. 

Motorised shutters can be operated to allow a breeze or closed more tightly.  The different types of motorised roller shutters are the following.

  • Renovation roller shutters which are used only on the outside window frame.
  • Accordion shutters which are installed in balconies.
  • Combined window shutters.

Here are the main benefits of electric roller shutters.

  • The initial cost of installing roller shutters is quite affordable.  This is despite the fact that whether electric or manual, they are of huge benefit when installed in a home. 
  • They significantly raise the value of a home.  It makes a home that is up for sale attractive to security conscious buyers.
  • They are equipped with obstacle detection technology.  The motor automatically stops when it encounters any obstacle, which is an added security feature.  This will add to your sense of safety.
  • They have frost protection technology.  The stats stop automatically when they freeze which protects them from damage.  It also keeps the shutters running for longer.
  • They are tamper resistant.  The shutters have rigid links which make them impossible to lift from outside.  The shutters resist a lifting force of up to 100kg.  This greatly enhances the security of your home.
  • Electric roller shutters are relatively stress free.  They are durable, with fully sealed motors.  This means the delicate parts are not exposed to the elements.  They do not get corroded and thus do not require any maintenance. 
  • The remote-controlled roller shutters are configured for control from one receiver.  They are convenient and serve as a deterrent to burglars breaking into your home.  They are a perfect solution to your security concerns.
  • They come in various shapes, sizes and colours and are therefore not unsightly.