Choosing the Best Window Style for Every Room of Your Home

15 August 2017
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When in the market for new windows for your home, you want to think about the insulating properties of the glass, whether a tint would be good for blocking direct sunlight, and whether you need something toughened for added security. While all these are very important factors, you always want to consider the best style for the windows as well! Standard single-hung windows, with a pane on the bottom that slides up and down, may not offer the air circulation or even the appearance you want from your home's windows. Consider a few other styles and the rooms for which they're best suited so your home's windows look their best.

In the kitchen

You may realize that it's often very difficult to reach over a sink or benchtop in order to open a single-hung window. A better option might be a casement window, which opens on hinges along the side, like a door. You can easily unlatch the window and then just push it open with your fingers, rather than trying to push a pane up and into position while stretching to reach over the sink.

In the dining room

Small windows in the dining room may not offer much of a view for those seated at the table. You also might not open those windows when dining, if it means letting in too much of a breeze, dust, and other irritants. A good choice in this room might be a large picture window which doesn't open at all. This will reduce the need for any frames between panes, keeping the view unobscured. A large picture window can also create a very grand and sweeping feeling in the dining room, and it affords you the option of adding large drapes so you create a formal look in the room.

In the bedroom

You may want some fresh air in the bedroom at night, but aren't comfortable with keeping the windows completely open and potentially accessible to intruders. Tilt-turn windows can be a good option; these open along the side, like a door, and then also tilt out. For the bedroom, choose the option that tilts out from the top, like a hopper. You can then open the side of the window during the day, when you want maximum airflow in the bedroom, then just tilt them open along the top at night. This will allow for fresh air in the bedroom while not allowing enough space for someone to access the window if they should attempt to break in