Know Your Options for Alternative Window Treatments

16 August 2017
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If you need new window treatments for any room in your home, you have many options beyond standard curtains. These alternatives can be good for rooms where curtains might get in the way of foot traffic or where you have upholstered furniture that might clash with the fabric of curtains. Note a few of those window treatment alternatives so you know all your options for your home and can create a look and feel that you love in every room.

Woven wood shades

Woven wood shades are made from a reedy hardwood, such as bamboo or teak, that is easy to cut into strips and then weave together; they can also be made of various grasses. The woven look of these shades offers lots of texture, and the wood is very natural and cosy. Note, however, that the weave of the wood will allow in some sunlight, so if you must have complete blackout in a room, choose a variety with a blackout panel behind the shades.

Solar shades

Solar shades are made to be somewhat opaque so they allow in light while still offering some privacy inside the home. Solar shades will be made with what is called an openness factor; the higher the openness factor, the more opaque the shade. Choose these shades if you love sunlight in a space but don't want to leave the window treatments completely open during the day.

Panel glide blinds

For very large windows, you might choose panel glides. These blinds are made in long, individual panels that are attached to a track that runs along the top of the window frame, like a curtain rod. You can then slide open individual panels as needed, to control the light and air circulation that comes in from the windows. The height of these blinds also offers the grander feeling you might want from curtains and the material is easy to coordinate with upholstered furniture.

Faux wood blinds

If you love the look of wood blinds but know that wood easily absorbs humidity and will eventually warp over the years, shop for high-quality faux wood blinds. These are made from PVC, vinyl or another durable material that is then stamped with a wood grain and texture and painted or stained to look like real wood. These blinds can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and any other room where real wood blinds would get easily damaged from humidity, high heat and the like.