How to Make the Most of the Space in a Small Bedroom

18 August 2017
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A small bedroom can be difficult to decorate without having your accessories overwhelm that space, and storage can also be a challenge. To make the most of the space in a small bedroom, note a few tips on decorating and accommodating that limited area.

Use shelves for nightstands

It can be a challenge to squeeze a nightstand into a small bedroom, but most people still need some space next to the bed, for a lamp, phone, book, and the like. A good solution is to install small shelves on the wall, next to or even above the bed. Use narrow shelves and ladder them up the wall, as needed. Leave a gap between the shelf backs and the wall for lamp cords and cords to a phone charger. For items you want to hide away, you can add a small drawer under one of the shelves. This will open up the floor space while still giving you the bedside storage you need.

Utilise small accessories

If you struggle to create visual interest on the walls of a small bedroom without your artwork seeming too large, try small art pieces, but place them in groups. Choose small paintings, frameless mirrors, and even very small shelves to hold accessories. Group these together in one space for a gallery effect. This will make the walls interesting rather than dull and bland, while the smaller pieces won't seem out of proportion in that tiny bedroom.

Hang the drapes higher

Rather than having curtain rods that are just above the window frame, hang those rods closer to the ceiling, keeping just enough of a gap so the curtain can move freely. Opt for longer drapes so they reach the floor. This will add height to the windows and trick the eye into thinking that the wall is taller and larger than it really is.

Swap out the door

A good way to better accommodate any small room is with a smaller or sliding door. You don't need to make the doorframe more narrow, but note your style options for a new door. Bi-fold doors use narrow panels that are hinged in the middle, so they require less clearance. A sliding door with rollers placed above the doorframe also doesn't need clearance in the front of the door, but they do need clearance to the side. These types of doors can better accommodate the limited space and even look more proportionate for your bedroom.