Important Details to Remember When Choosing Bi-Fold Patio Doors

28 August 2017
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Bi-fold glass doors are a great choice for any patio or deck space, or even as an entryway to your outdoor area, with or without patio flooring. Bi-fold doors open like an accordion and fold out of the way, which allows you a completely unobstructed view of your exterior space, as well as maximum sunlight and fresh air. You can also slide those doors open just a slight bit, for when you only want a small amount of air to circulate inside, while still enjoying the summertime sun. When you are ready to shop for bi-fold glass doors, note a few important details that will make all the difference in whether or not the doors you choose work well for your space in particular.

Framed versus frameless

Frameless bi-fold doors allow the most unobstructed view to the outside, whereas a frame around each door panel can give them added visual interest and also help coordinate the doors with your interior furniture and accessories. However, when considering framed doors, you'll want to note the size of the door panels themselves; smaller door panels are good for a more compact space, as they need less clearance when folded, but this will also mean more frames. Too many frames can make the doors seem cluttered and busy, and even a bit closed-in. More frames will also block your view when the doors are closed. If you choose small panels for the sake of space, opt for thin frames that won't seem so obtrusive.

Glass thickness

Thick, toughened glass is needed if the doors are at risk of being broken for any reason. Thicker glass will also insulate your interior space, which is something to consider if your local area suffers extremes in weather. However, thicker glass also means heavier glass, which can be difficult to move if you have a long wall that will require lots of panels. You might invest in a self-closing or otherwise motorized track for thick and heavy doors so that you don't need to physically manage all that added weight.


A nice view outside your home can also mean a nice view inside the home as well! If you have nearby neighbours, consider whether the glass bi-fold doors will allow them too much of a view into the home, and opt for tinted glass or privacy film on the glass. Grilles, which are small metal or wood bars added to each panel to make them look like smaller, individual panes, can also help to obscure the view somewhat.