Questions to Ask About Sliding Glass Doors for Your Home

15 November 2017
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Sliding glass doors are a popular choice for an entryway to a patio or deck area, as the glass allows you  a great view to the outside even when the doors are closed. Sliding the doors out of the way also gives you more room for foot traffic when you're entertaining guests, and allows for more air circulation into the home. If you are considering sliding glass doors for your home, note a few questions you might have about these doors and that you should ask the installer, so you know if they're the right choice for your home.

Ask about the lock

Sliding glass doors should have a heavy-duty lock installed, to keep out thieves and intruders who might otherwise easily pry these doors away from their frames. Don't assume that a lightweight, plastic lock is sufficient for these doors, as a pry bar can make quick work of pushing these flimsy locks out of place. Ensure the doors have a deadbolt along with a keyed lock for maximum security for your home.

Ask if they can lock in place

If you know you'll want to keep your sliding glass doors only partially open during warmer summer months, ask if they can be locked in place. Doors that easily move along a track may be very convenient for you to open and close, but this can also mean that they get pushed along by a strong gust of wind, or just because of their own weight. This might cause damage to the doors, and become a nuisance. Ask if the doors can be locked into the track, to keep them secure and ensure you can control how far open you want to keep the doors.

Ask about sound reduction and privacy

If you live close to a busy roadway or have noisy neighbours, ask your glass door installer about sound reduction. Laminated glass can bounce soundwaves off its surface, providing a quieter atmosphere inside the home, or they may recommend a softer glass that helps to absorb soundwaves. If you're worried about glare and too much sunlight from the glass doors, but don't want to add cumbersome window treatments, ask about linen or textured glass, which can help to block sunlight and glare, while still allowing in some light. Since you have so many options available for the glass that makes up the doors, don't hesitate to tell the installer what you need by way of light and sound protection and ask their suggestions.