Important Questions to Ask When Getting Your Vehicle's Windows Tinted

29 November 2017
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Window tint on a vehicle can make a car or truck look very sporty, while also protecting the interior upholstery, dashboard and the like. If you're thinking of adding tint to the windows of your vehicle, it's never good to buy this film from the store and apply it yourself, as store-bought film can easily bubble and peel or change colours as it fades.

A professional installation is always best, and you might note some important questions to ask the installer when you make an appointment to take your vehicle in for this work. This will ensure the work gets done right, and that you choose the most effective car window tinting for your needs.

Ask about phone reception

Some window film will have metallic elements running through it, to reflect heat and light and to make the film stronger and more durable. Unfortunately, some of these films will interfere with phone and Wi-Fi reception when you're in your car. While it's never good to use your cell phone while driving, you might be bothered by this interference if you do make calls or check messages while on the road. If so, ask about this type of film, so you choose one with the least amount of metal possible.

Ask about tint shades

When choosing the amount of actual tint for windows, note that this may be factored differently for different films and brands. Some companies may refer to the amount of light that passes through the tint, so a higher tint factor means a lighter shade of film, not darker. If these numbers or other indicators get confusing, ask to see samples of the film before choosing, so you can decide what offers the look you want and what colour would coordinate best with your car's exterior paint colour.

Ask how to care for the tint after it's applied

Note that vehicle window tint may need some added care for the first few days and even weeks after its installation. Window film usually has a small amount of vapour and adhesive between it and the window itself, and these need to dry for the film to become permanently adhered to the window glass. Putting the windows down during this time might cause bubbles and other such damage. You may also need to avoid cleaning the film in any way until it's set and cured completely, so it can dry properly. Ask about what care might be needed for your vehicle's window film, so you don't damage it immediately after its installation.