Why Choose Aluminium Window Frames?

21 June 2018
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Double-glazed windows can be made with a number of different framing materials, so why would you opt for aluminium ones? The fact is that aluminium windows have been around for a very long time indeed. In fact, some of the most iconic skyscrapers on the New York skyline that were built as long ago as the 1930s have aluminium window frames. Aluminium is a great material for windows and glazed doors because it still looks so modern. The material is shiny in its natural state and relatively lightweight so you can frame very large windows with it. A favourite of architects in large public buildings, aluminium-framed windows are equally suited to homes. Why else might you consider them for your abode?

Tough Yet Adaptable

Because aluminium is a strong material with a relatively high tensile strength, it is an ideal material to make window frames from. Manufacturers usually extrude it into frame sections. These are then cut to the dimensions of your desired windows. The glazing is subsequently sandwiched between the outer and inner profiles of the aluminium frames with ease. As such, a really strong framing unit is able to be made for all sorts of windows, no matter what shape or size you need.

Secure Windows

Unlike other materials, like plastic, aluminium window frames are really hard to get past. It is often possible for determined intruders to force open a window frame or even prize it away from its mounting in the wall. This is not the case with a durable metal like aluminium, which will resist even attempts to force it open with a crowbar. Aluminium windows are a preferred choice these days for homeowners who take their security seriously.

Many Colour Options

Although aluminium's silvery appearance is what makes it so appealing to many, it can be finished in just about any colour that you would like. This means that it can be made to match your existing exterior decoration. Virtually any standard colour can be applied to aluminium either as a traditional paint finish or as a powder coating.

Thermal Qualities

As a metal, aluminium conducts heat. This is undesirable in window frames because you don't want to transfer too much heat from outside into your home on a sunny day. However, the latest thermal break technology in aluminium windows overcomes this issue, meaning aluminium is just as good as other framing options you might be considering.