How Secure Are Your Security Shutters?

15 August 2018
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In a world where security threats are everywhere, you may strive to protect your property and its contents using various measures. Security shutters are one of the most popular physical barriers against intruders. If you're skeptical as to whether installing some will keep your property safe, it's worth understanding how secure they are.

The efficacy of your security shutters depends on several factors

When you decide to purchase security shutters, the type you choose will determine how effective they are. For example, basic steel roller shutters do have weak points, but they're strong enough to prevent casual burglars entering your premises. Adding a locking device means the burglar will face other hurdles when trying to gain access to your property, making it less likely that an experienced criminal will break through your shutters. When you complement the shutters with other devices, such as CCTV and alarm systems, it's highly unlikely that a criminal will remove your goods successfully.

Security shutters are effective on a psychological level

Few burglars execute their crimes in an organised fashion. While some will purposefully target your home or business, it's unlikely that they'll perform a thorough analysis of your defense measures with a view to breaking in. Those who do target your property may base their breaking-and-entering decision on the contents of your building. While they can see through your windows while you're there, they're unlikely to perform a thorough analysis when someone is in the building. When you roll down the shutters during your absence, they can't see into the window. Although being unable to form a sound judgement of a building's contents won't deter every prospective burglar, it will stop some of them from taking action.

Preventing vandalism in the form of fires is easier

Vandalism takes place in many forms, and one of the most effective approaches involves arson. Adding a security shutter to your windows protects your property against external flames. As metal doesn't conduct heat at the same rate as wood, attempts to set a fire will usually prove unsuccessful. Additionally, if someone targets a nearby building or an environmental fire breaks out, the emergency services will have more time to reach your property compared to when you don't have shutters.

With robust security benefits and a degree of protection against fire, installing shutters is an excellent way to keep your property safe. If you decide to add some to your windows, aim for a bespoke fit and extra latches to boost their efficacy.