4 Compelling Benefits of Carbon Film Automotive Tinting

24 October 2018
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Tinting your car's windows is a great idea if you want to reduce glare, maintain your privacy, and generally give your vehicle a bolder sense of style. First-timers are often surprised by the range of tints available – you can't just go into an automotive window tinting service, ask for tinting, and expect a single type. You have options like ceramic, dyed, and metallised tints from which to choose, but here are just four reasons why carbon tinting might be the best choice.

1. No Interference

People who like the appearance of metallised window tinting often end up going for carbon film instead. Why? Because carbon film doesn't contain any metal particles, and those metal particles often interfere with phone and radio reception. They won't block them out entirely, but you might notice a touch of interference when you're choosing music or speaking to a friend. Carbon doesn't have any such effect.

2. Keeps Out Heat

Carbon might not interfere with radio and phone reception, but it's very effective at cutting down the amount of infrared light that comes into your car. In case you aren't aware, infrared is the kind of light that causes warmth, so blocking some of it out will help keep your car's cabin feeling fresh and cool even during the height of summer. That doesn't just keep you comfortable – it also alleviates strain on your car's cooling system. Of course, keeping all that infrared light out of your car is also going to help protect the upholstery from fading.

3. Lasts a Long Time

When you go to the trouble of having your car's windows tinted, you want to know that tinting is going to last for years to come without peeling away or fading. Some types of tinting, particularly cheaper ones like dyed film, fade as time goes by, especially when you live somewhere that gets plenty of sun. You'll gradually find your cabin experiencing greater heat, more glare, and faded upholstery. In contrast, carbon film never fades, so it should last the life of your car.

4. Provides an Attractive Appearance

Those practical benefits are all well and good, but they'd count for nothing if carbon tinting didn't also make your vehicle look good. Luckily, it does just that. Made using microscopic carbon particles, it provides a cool matte black look without the unpleasant mirroring effect created by more reflective coatings. It's an executive appearance that always looks high-end.