Common Issues Leading to Sliding Door Lock Repair

17 January 2019
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Many homes have sliding doors for their patios. Some are new while others were installed when the house was built. In either case, your sliding door is bound to need repairs from time to time. One of the most common repairs is to the door lock. Knowing a few of the causes that lead to sliding door lock repair needs beforehand can help you avoid this process for a while. Here are some common issues leading to sliding door lock failure.


Alignment is key with any sliding door. This includes patio or room divider doors. The alignment will ensure that the door moves and operates properly. Through use and sometimes damage, your sliding doors can become misaligned. This misalignment will lead to many different problems with your doors. When you close a misaligned door and lock it, it causes pressure on the locking mechanism of the door. Most times, you will start to feel a resistance when locking. You may have to push harder to get the lock to latch. This is a sign that you need to repair the lock. The more the lock is used in this condition, the harder it will become to latch.

Excessive Force

Another issue that leads to lock repair is excessive force. Your door should be easily slid open and closed. If you shut the door too hard, it can cause damage to the frame and the parts inside the door. Other factors that cause this type of damage could be forced entry or applying side pressure to the door. Over time, the metal frame and latching mechanisms will warp from the excessive force. This warping of the latching mechanism will lead to you needing a sliding door lock repair. Taking care in your operation of the door will help avoid causing damage and hence avoid any need for a repair.

Extreme Usage

Extreme use is also a common issue causing a need for sliding door repair. While a door's function is to open and close to allow passage, when this process is repeated excessively, it begins to cause a problem. Like the issue of force, extreme use can cause the parts of the door to shake loose or shift over time. This shifting is also considered misalignment, which leads back to the first cause. Using your door is inevitable; however, making fewer trips or leaving the door open for a time while you take out everything that you need may reduce your need for sliding door repair.

Taking care to avoid misalignment, excessive force and extreme usage can prolong the life of your sliding door and its parts. Keeping these tips in mind will also keep the number of sliding door lock repairs to a minimum, keeping you in the clear longer.