Reasons To Install Double Glazed Windows

18 June 2020
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Beautiful natural light flowing indoors creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that shows off the decor in its best light. One problem, though, with windows is that they're often inefficient energy-wise. One option, double glazing, can resolve this issue. Read on to discover several reasons to install double glazed windows in your home.

To Save Energy

Double panes lower energy bills, both heating and cooling, in comparison to single panes. The reason for this is that a single pane of glass allows summer heat to quickly move through, causing your air conditioning to work harder and less efficiently. Conversely, in winter, single panes allow the warm indoor air to move swiftly through the glass outside. Double glazed windows — with an air pocket between two panes — obstruct this process, hindering the movement of heat. Thus these windows allow a home to regulate its atmosphere better while using less heating and cooling.

For Freedom When Remodelling 

When renovating, you might hesitate to enlarge windows knowing that your home will be that much less comfortable and efficient — even though you'd love a brighter ambience. Double glazing eliminates this dilemma as you don't have to sacrifice one for the other; you can have more light and an efficient home. Ultimately, double glazing provides more design freedom as you can focus on creating an appealing indoor environment without fear of consequences.

To Reduce Noise

Another reason to install double glazing is to reduce noise. If you live on a hectic road emitting a peak-hour traffic roar, you can install these efficient windows to muffle the sound — creating a peaceful haven inside, away from car horns and screeches. The double panes also help to block arguing neighbours, barking dogs and other aggravating disturbances. 

To Create A More Comfortable Home

With single pane windows, because heat and cold quickly move through, rooms can experience hot and cold patches. For example, on a chilly night, the cold will travel inside via the glass before being warmed by the heating system. However, this constant process means that warmth isn't evenly distributed around the room. You may need to turn the heating up to compensate, thus creating uncomfortably warm spots also. 

Thus, double glazing an excellent solution if you want to save energy and create a more comfortable environment. Additionally, you'll enjoy a quieter home, and, when renovating, you can enlarge the windows as you prefer, without worrying about the effect on energy efficiency.