Is Installing Blinds Outside a Good Idea?

1 September 2020
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Although blinds are more often used as window treatments on the insides of homes and offices, they are just a viable on the exterior. Many Australians are now finding that outdoor blinds are extremely useful window treatments that provide numerous benefits. If you are thinking about updating your property with new window treatments, then why should you consider the upsides of exterior blinds?

Protect Your Property

Exterior blinds are extremely useful for shutting out unwanted elements. When they are dropped down fully, they can make a tight seal, much like external shutters, that mean your windows and walls are safeguarded from harm. Fitted over a veranda, for example, they will prevent the worst of the weather from getting onto outdoor furniture or plants you may have grown. It is not just rain that your home will be protected from but also hail, snow, dust and excessive wind. Of course, when you pull down your outdoor blinds, you can also keep out unwanted pests, such as flying insects, too.

Make the Outside a Room

Many people want to augment the size of their living space and outdoor blinds, perhaps dropped down from a balcony or an awning, do this effectively. In short, you can think of these sorts of blinds as temporary walls that you can deploy at will to make an extra room or raise to form a more open space. Many people have them fitted around patios for this very reason.

Enjoy a Microclimate

When you have outdoor blinds around you, the area within will soon feel cosy. In effect, you can use them to create a microclimate where there is an effective windbreak that prevents you from feeling too chilly when you sit outside in the winter. Equally, you can use them to block out excessive heat from the sun, keeping you cooler on a summer's day. In this regard, they can be especially useful insofar as they will mean having to use your air conditioning less often. In turn, this should save you money year on year.

Better Privacy

When you have a set of external blinds, no one should be able to see into your home or around your outdoor seating area unless you want them to. This makes outdoor blinds particularly effective in situations where there are neighbouring properties that cannot help but overlook you. Simply drop them down when you are doing something private and raise them at other times to enjoy your life without prying eyes.

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