Reasons to Install Roman Blinds in Your Home

26 March 2021
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Window coverings help control the light flow and temperature in a home and enhance its decor. While you'll have a range of alternatives when choosing window dressings, consider the following reasons to install Roman blinds.

Soft, Elegant Look

Roman blinds provide an elegant decorative option for windows. Because they use folding fabric — linen, cotton or silk, for example — they give a softer look than roller blinds. This makes them an ideal option for luxurious bedrooms, dining, and living rooms.

Compatible with Compact Rooms

They're an excellent option for awkward windows — in a room corner, for instance, where you can't conveniently use curtains. The pleating is neater than curtain folds and better suits cramped spaces. Curtains, on the other hand, can make an area feel more confined. You'll preserve the space in smaller rooms also by installing Roman blinds rather than curtains.

Variety of Colours and Patterns

Roman blinds come in a wide range of colours such as muted blues, maroons, neutral beiges and creams. Thus, you'll have diverse colour options. You can also install patterned fabric for a style statement. Alternatively, you could be discreet and continue the wall colour across the blinds. This will allow other decor elements to come to the fore.

Pleating Style Options

You'll notice that Roman blinds come in different folding patterns. Some models consist of a large piece of fabric that folds up, accordion-like. However, when down, the blind doesn't display visible horizontal seams and is ideal for patterned material. In other styles, the fabric shows elegant rows of horizontal seams that fold neatly upwards. Different models give a luxurious cascading effect, with loose, overlapping folds of cloth. Thus, within the family of this window covering style, you'll have plenty of variations to consider, depending on whether you want a more minimal or sumptuous effect.

Light Flow Control

Roman blinds are available in different opacities, allowing you to control the light flow in a room. For a bedroom, make sure that the shades are wide enough to prevent light from beaming through the edges. They'll block sunlight, stopping your favourite furnishings from fading and being ruined.

Temperature Moderation

Glass without covering allows heat and cold to flow through the windows quickly, and coverings hinder the flow. When installing Roman blinds, look for versions with thermal backing to block heat from making rooms uncomfortable during summer. These energy-efficient blinds will help to lower your energy bills.

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