Benefits of Aluminium Glass Doors

14 September 2021
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If you want to enhance your home, you might consider installing aluminium glass doors that open out to the yard. Here are several benefits you can expect.


Replacing opaque doors with glass or installing a new expanse of glass aluminium doors will help your home appear larger and more open. When standing inside, if you have an extended view and can see the garden, the room will seem larger. Conversely, if your eyeline is blocked by an opaque door or wall, an area will appear smaller than otherwise. Glass doors also let extra daylight stream into your home. This will also help, as brighter places tend to feel more spacious. Additionally, you'll feel more connected to nature by being able to see it.


Another benefit of aluminium glass doors is that this metal is durable and long-lasting. Aluminium naturally resists rust. It's covered with an oxide film that protects it from the atmosphere. Because of this resilience, aluminium is ideal for coastal areas with corrosive salty air. Powder coating or anodising the door frames adds another layer of protection.


Aluminium doors come in various configurations to suit different settings. You could install aluminium hinged French doors or a single hinged model. Otherwise, choose from sliding, stacking or bifold configurations. Regardless of your architecture and setting, you'll find aluminium doors to suit.


If you have expansive sliding or stacking doors, it's important that they're easy to operate. Aluminium is a lightweight metal, so you'll be able to manoeuvre the doors effortlessly. Other materials such as timber are heavier and can be hard to manage.

Colour Choices

You also have plenty of colour options with aluminium frames. You can choose cream, beige, charcoal or bronze. Some doors feature a faux wood finish, which is perfect if you want to create a rustic look. You'll have the chance to harmonise the doors with other elements in the room. Consider what the door frame colour will look like from the outside. You might match it to the roof and window trim, or you could create a contrast against the external walls.

Energy Efficiency

While glass allows for natural light to enter your house, it also enables heat to transfer through the doors. In the summer, the warmth of the outside may penetrate more quickly via glass than through a wall. In addition, in the winter, the heat created by a heater may readily pass through the glass. You do, however, have choices for reducing this effect. You could install aluminium doors with double-glazed or Low-E glass, for example.